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Hunyuan Archives includes videos and articles from the Hunyuan Research Institute from our China trips, worldwide seminars, constant research and refinement.

6-months access to the archives cost $149. You are able to save all articles to your computer and have adequate time to watch all videos and take notes. The archives are free to active Hunyuan Certification course fellows.


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In the archives:

Hunyuan Videos

Hunyuan Medicine Essentials with Yaron Seidman

A video extracted from October 2014 Hunyuan medicine seminar in Athens, Greece with Yaron Seidman.

Hunyuan Neigong Cultivation 15 Exercises with Yaron Seidman DAOM Running time 73 Min.

Hunyuan Xin Fa classes 1, 2, 3

Sun Bin Military Methods- Yaron Seidman DAOM. A visit to the ancient state of Wei, Shandong China 2012. Yaron Seidman in this short clip narrates the story of Sun Bin.

Hunyuan Cultivation with master Feng Zhiqiang/ April 2000

watch this private cultivation practice of Feng Zhiqiang with Yaron Seidman, April 2000 in master Feng’s backyard.

Deep in the Classics/ Yaron Seidman

A lecture with Yaron Seidman at the School of Classical Chinese Medicine, Portland, Oregon 2011. Parts 1,2,3.

Great Physician/ Yaron Seidman

The Making of Real Fuzi – Parts 1-3 Harvest, Preparation & Factory owner

Feng Zhiqiang & Yaron Seidman pushing hands

A short video clip, filmed in Zhao Yuan, Shan Dong, China 2001

Longevity Massage / Yaron Seidman

Hunyuan Fang Song Cultivation / Yaron Seidman

Hunyuan & Fire Sage School (Huo Shen Pai)/ Yaron Seidman – Parts 1-5 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine New York City, May, 2010

Classical Fertility -Presentation/ Yaron Seidman Parts 1-5

Five Animals Qigong/ Hu Yaozhen photos

Huai Xuan Videos

An interview with master Liu Baigu, 4th generation descendant of Liu Yuan and lineage holder of Huai Xuan school.

running time 1 hour

Huai Xuan Foundations – Lecture Series

Huai Xuan Basic Foundations is a lecture series by Liu Baigu, 4th generation lineage holder of the Huai Xuan school. The lecture were filmed in Chengdu, China in June 2012

5 videos running time ca. 4 hours

Liu Lihong Videos

In this series prof. Liu Lihong talks about the six spheres.

Liu Lihong – on Tai Yang, San Jose, CA 2010

running time 1:18 hours.

Liu Lihong – on Shao Yang , San Jose, CA 2010

running time 57 minutes.

Liu Lihong – on Yang Ming, San Jose, CA 2010

running time 28 minutes

Liu Lihong on Tai Yin – San Jose, CA 2010

running time 1:17 hours.

Liu Lihong on Shao Yin – San Jose, CA 2010

running time 49 minutes

Liu Lihong on Jue Yin – San Jose, CA 2010

running time 43 minutes.

Liu Lihong – Clinic I , San Jose, CA 2010

Liu Lihong – Clinic II, San Jose, CA 2010

Liu Lihong – Clinic Parts 1-3

Liu Lihong – Supporting Yang Parts 1-7

Liu Lihong- Chinese Classics Parts 1-13


Shang Hanlun Preface – Translation and Commentary by Yaron Seidman

Life and Work of Chen Xiuyuan by Yaron Seidman

Shang Han Lun preface and commentary by Yaron Seidman (Chinese)

One True Fire Sage / by Yaron Seidman

My visit with Peng Zhongshan.

Yang Respected Yin Inferior- Dong Zhongshu – Translation Yaron Seidman

The Last Great Sages on The Correct Practice of Medicine/ by Yaron Seidman

Following in the Steps of Lu the Fire Sage to Inspect Fu Zi from Jiang You(metropolis) Zhong Ba (township)

Liu Lihong talks about Si Ni Fa method

Liu Lihong talks about Gui Zhi Fa method

Swine Flu Wen Bing Vs Shang Han – Yaron Seidman (Chinese)

Swine Flu – Wen Bing Vs. Shang Han – Yaron Seidman(English)

Shang Han Lun Commentary – Zhang Zhicong / translated by Yaron Seidman

Infertility Cures, Analysis Of Classical Chinese Medicine Versus Contemporary Approach/ Yaron Seidman

Infertility and Shao Yin – Yaron Seidman (Chinese)

3 Yin 3 Yang/ Yaron Seidman

The Life and Work of Liu Yuan 劉沅

Zhang Zhicong(1616—1674) Fu Zi Commentary

Sun Simiao a Man of Truth / by Yaron Seidman

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