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Premium herbs (Di Dao Yao Cai地道藥材)  from the Hunyuan School

Si Ni Bei powder (only organic ingredients) 1 lb $22 (Fuzi substitute- scroll to bottom to read more)

Fire Water (Si Ni Bei extract) 1 Oz. $15

An Gui 安桂 (Cinnamon Vietnam whole organic) 1 lb. $38

An Gui 安桂 (Cinnamon Vietnam powder organic) 1 lb. $38

Lan Gui  蘭桂 (Ceylon True Cinnamon whole premium) 1 lb $26

Lan Gui  蘭桂 (Ceylon True Cinnamon powder premium) 1 lb $26

Lan Gui  蘭桂 (Ceylon True Cinnamon powder organic) 1 lb $38

Xi Sha Ren 西砂仁(organic, India) 1 lb $38

Hei Zhima Black Sesame (certified organic) 1 lb. $12

Zhi Gan Cao 炙甘草 (certified organic, hand prepared with organic molasses) 1 lb $22

Sheng Gan Cao 生甘草 (certified organic) 1 lb $14

Dang Gui 當歸 (Di Dao 地道, excellent quality) 1 lb $28

Rou Gui 肉桂 (organic, Indonesia) 1 lb $12

Xiao Hui Xiang /Fennel seeds 1 lb $12 (organic- whole)

Ba Ji Tian 巴戟天 (premium, China)  1 lb $29

Gui Zhi Jian 桂枝尖(finest tips only)  1 lb $19

Nan Shan Zha 南山楂 (grows wild on sunny side of hills) 1 lb $19

Gan Jiang 干姜(real sun dried premium whole) 1 lb $18

Gan Jiang 干姜(organic powder) 1 lb $18

Hunyuan Thermos

20 oz Thermos with ceramic lining, an excellent option for brewing herbal tea or your regular green tea. $25

Tea bags with string

Tea bags from unbleached paper with a string, perfect solution for bagging your herbs (and using with the Hunyuan thermos). 100 bags/$12


Fire-Water is the Si Ni Bei extract that replaces Fu Zi (Aconite) in unification formulas. Each 1 oz bottle contains ca. 40 droppers full of extract. For formulation purposes, unification strength of 1 dropper full Fire-Water added to the cup of herbal tea = 15 to 30g of aconite cooked in the pot with other herbs. Ingredients: Organic An Gui, Organic Lan Gui, Organic Ginger, Organic Xiao Huixiang, organic alcohol. Tincture is prepared by cold extraction to maximize efficacy.

Cost $15 per 1 oz bottle (wholesale discount available for order of 10 or more)

Si Ni Bei 四逆輩

is a powdered herbal  preparation composed of several organic herbs: An Gui, Lan Gui, Gan Jiang and Xiao Hui Xiang. It replaces and supersedes Fu Zi (aconite) as a unification component in herbal formulas.

Zhang Zhongjing in his Shang Han Lun 《伤寒沦》 states:  自利不渴者,属太阴,以其脏有寒故也。当温之,宜四逆辈。When diarrhea happens on its own and there is no thirst, this belongs to Tai Yin. It is because the organ (storage) has cold in it. One should warm it up, it is appropriate to use Si Ni Bei.
For 2 millennium most, if not all, practitioners believed that "Si Ni Bei" is a collective term for different Si Ni Tang formulas in the Shang Han Lun; Si Ni Tang, Dang Gui Si Ni tang, Tong Mai Si Ni Tang etc.
Tai Yin represents all Yin and Yin function is to bring energy from nature (plants, food, air, spirit) into the body and merge it in unification. Unification (with nature) helps the body recharge and therefore have energy again the next day. When Yin can't bring nature's energy into unification it is called  自利; diarrhea happens on its own, and there is no thirst as body can't absorb spirit (Yang) from water. This kind of inability to absorb nature into unification belongs to all Yin (here named Tai Yin). An organ 脏 is a physical instrument allowing storage of nature's energy into unification (energy and physical material merge into one, hence energy the next day again becomes available). "Its organ has cold" means its storage has cold. Storage having cold indicates a body with no heaven spirit (Yang) in it. It is Kun earth trigram instead of Kan water trigram (Kun three Yin broken lines, Kan one solid Yang line concealed between 2 Yin broken lines). "One should warm it up" explains using a method to insert or help insert 1 solid Yang line from nature (heaven) into Kun earth to create Kan water. This re-establishes the Yin function. Si Ni 四逆 illustrates  energy on all four sides of the circle not able to establish a connection with nature. Bei 辈 character as was used in the latter Han dynasty during Zhongjing time, means chariots dispatching in all directions. Chariots can dispatch in all directions (to remedy all Si Ni) only when the root is re-established. The root is Yang's concealing ability into earth. Kun turns into Kan, or in other words the dead vessel is able to take energy from nature to recharge and live another day.
Our preparation of Si Ni Bei delivers this kind of effect (as seen in the chart above).
Fu Zi (aconite), in the modern world, poses many problems, starting from inadequate production quality that causes toxicity, legal regulations prohibiting its use in the USA, Europe and Australia, and most importantly, at times, preventing practitioners from researching True Principle, simply because Fu Zi is a legal issue for them. We have designed this excellent, potent and legal substitute to allow practitioners worldwide the practice of Hunyuan medicine.
Si Ni Bei in herbal formulas should be used in dosages of 20-30 grams and higher, but it can also be enjoyed as  regular tea (food grade) in 2 gram dosages, simply stirred in a cup of hot water, enjoy!

Different Cinnamon Actions (as reference)

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