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Hunyuan Fang Song Gong (relaxation)


Hunyuan Qigong Cultivation

15 Exercises


with Yaron Seidman DAOM

Hunyuan Qigong Cultivation

is a set of 15 exercises cultivating Unification skill.

It is suitable for everyone who needs more energy and focus.

Running time 73 Min.

View online $19.95


Hunyuan Ruler Qigong Seminar- DVD / Yaron Seidman

The art of Taiji Ruler Gong has been practiced in China for hundreds of years. Transmitted down by the imperial family and Daoist advocates over the centuries from teacher to student, this traditional 13 movements set was transmitted from Hu Yaozhen to Feng Zhiqiang. It is revealed here by Yaron Seidman to the world.

This is a recording of Taiji Ruler Gong seminar taught by Seidman, DVD in English. Running time is 1 hour. Filmed in Millbury, MA, USA in 2003.

Price $49.95  

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