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Dr. Yaron Seidman publicly available videos:

To honor the loving memory of our good friend Paulo Henrique Gonçalves - Peagá (1990-2017)

PH Hunyuan Talks are in English and Portuguese with Yaron Seidman and translated by Alberto Cantídio Ferreira.


Hunyuan life principle March 16th, 2017

Option 1:  http://connectpro61712563.adobeconnect.com/p5179lki4dw/

Option 2 http://hunyuaninstitute.com/ph1.html

Hunyuan Qigong April 6th, 2017

Option 1: http://connectpro61712563.adobeconnect.com/p91gz7setqi/

Option 2: http://hunyuaninstitute.com/ph2.html

Hunyuan Body circular motion April 13th, 2017

Option 1: http://connectpro61712563.adobeconnect.com/p541d9ygu29/

Option 2: http://hunyuaninstitute.com/ph3.html

Hunyuan Heart & Finding Center April 27th, 2017

Option 1: http://connectpro61712563.adobeconnect.com/p4am7vd7ob6/

Option 2: http://hunyuaninstitute.com/ph4.html

The secret of becoming happy- Hunyuan Music May 9th, 2017

Option 1: http://connectpro61712563.adobeconnect.com/p9aot5v317g/

Option 2: http://hunyuaninstitute.com/ph5.html

Youtube: https://youtu.be/Y04A2Ll2Lzo

Hunyuan Israel
שיחת היכרות בנושא רפואת חוניואן עם דר ירון זיידמן
חוניואן ישראל בעברית
זמן ההקלטה: שעתיים
אופציה ראשונה :
אופציה שניה:MP4 : http://hunyuaninstitute.com/israel.html



an interview with Phil Garrison on the Shang Han Lun six spheres (39:03)



Dr. Manju Rantala, MD interviews Dr. Yaron Seidman about Hunyuan medicine, impact of age in infertility and the ability to recover fertility by oneself.


New Hope IVF Center 2015

watch video (1 hr 20 minutes)

Hunyuan Fertility- Breaking the "Status Quo" / Yaron Seidman

watch video (1 hr 34 min)

Unification Herbs and Heart Practice / Yaron Seidman

watch video ( 34 min)

Tokyo, Japan 2008 Part I (41:15) &

Part II (45:35)

With Spanish subtitles  Part I (41:15) & Part II (45:35)

Mid-Wales, UK 2011

Watch video (1 hr 7 min)

California State Oriental Medical Association, Oakland, California 2012

watch video (1 hr 10 min)

Portland, OR, USA 2011

watch video (1 hr 5 min)



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