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PostHeaderIcon Researching the health benefits of Hunyuan facial therapy

by Susan Sondergaard

I will be investigating how a person’s state of health is reflected in the face and eyes and examining the therapeutic effect of Hunyuan facial therapy. I will be focusing on emotional distress and pain.

I will explore the deep connection between our emotions and our face and eyes and aim to prove that by applying Hunyuan facial treatment there is a great therapeutic benefit to patients suffering from emotional distress and or pain.

I will also consider the consequences of the practitioner/patient exchange during such treatment. I propose that when the practitioner practices Hunyuan Qigong and is fully centred and the patient feels safe and welcome therapeutic effect improves. When a practitioner has a patients face in their hands and is fully focused on helping the patient there is a deep intimate connection between practitioner and patient and I am to prove this is of the upmost benefit to the patients healing process.

I will use Hunyuan medical principles concentrating on Xinfa, the inner fire circle and the outer water circle, and intend to prove that when everything happens in the body in a timely fashion we don’t just feel good but we also look great.

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